How to increase Memory Limit & Maximum Upload size via php.ini

PHP Servers come with some default value for PHP configuration. To increase the memory limit or maximum upload size via php applications in Linux cPanel hosting – create a php.ini file in the document root and inside that php.ini write the following lines:
memory_limit = 32M
upload_max_filesize = 24M
You can set even higher value for these settings depending on your requirements.

However, these values can be set from the "MultiPHP INI Editor" option in cPanel:

  1. Login to the cPanel
  2. Navigate to "MultiPHP INI Editor" option.
  3. Select the domain name from the drop down.
  4. Set a higher value for "Memory Limit", PHP Max File Upload Size, Max Execution time

Please note that the Maximum you can set the PHP Memory Limit is "1024M" for the shared hosting packages.

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